Evenness Tester


Evenness testers are used to identify the degree and cause of unevenness in the yarn, roving and sliver and to provide various statistical representations for the results. Identification of cause of unevenness leads to rectification of back process in the spinning mills there by leading to improved quality of final package and reducing wastage.

The main factor hampering the quality of fabric is unevenness in the yarn like thick places, thin places and Neps. These imperfections adversely affects the productivity of all the stages of fabric production and results in poor fabric quality. Evenness tester is especially designed to detect the imperfections in yarn, sliver, roving and provide various statistical representations for the results. All kinds of yarns like cotton, PV, Polyester, etc. can be tested using this system. This is not only provides confidence to manufacturer about the quality of product but also helps commercially regarding the purchase and sale of yarn.



Principle of Operation Capacitance
Measurement range for staple fiber 4 Tex to 40Ktex ( for spun Material)
Unevenness U% and Coefficient of Variation CV% Range of 0.15% to 40%
Testing Speed (m/min) 8/25/50*/100/200/400
Evaluation Time (min.) 1/ 2.5/ 5
Coefficient of Variation CV (L) % For cut Lengths of 1 ,3, 10 Meters
Minimum and Maximum values of Mass Variation For Cut Lengths of 1,3,10 meters
Index of Irregularity (I) Relation between Ideal and actual unevenness for staple fiber material indicating technological perfection in yarn manufacturing
Imperfection Levels
  • Thin Places
  • Thick Places
  • NEPS
Thin, Thick, Neps at all levels at same time for simple test 30%, -40%, -50%, -60% +35% , +50%, +70%,+100 +140%, +200% , +280% , +400%
Relative Weight Variation Relative indication of percentage weight variation of the test material between samples, as test length remains same in a series of measurements. Conversion of the mean value of 100%
Spectrogram Analysis For machine fault identification
Statistical Results Mean Value, Standard Deviation, Q-95% confidence range
Graphical Result Diagram, Histogram, L-V Curve( 2D and 3D)
Reports YES MIS Date wise, Count Wise, Blend wise, Lot wise, Year wise, Month wise, per KM
Power Through CVT plus 1.0 KVA Capacity Spike Suppressor or 5 Ampere capacity.

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    This system is based on the principle of capacitance. This system is auto calibrated system hence not even a single time manual calibration is required.


    We provide the facility of data backup so that you need not perform tests again in case of power failure. We have invested special time to confirm that the hard copy printouts are easy to read, understand and analyze it.


    The results displayed on the screen are shown using various graphs like histograms, 2-D and 3-D line and column charts and 3-D spectrograms. It is a parallel processing machine hence; the results acquired are simultaneous with the test.


    We always have developed products keeping in mind its future prospects; continuing with our tradition we have also developed this product such that we can easily upgrade it with the help of our Modular Design. The accuracy achieved by this machine meets the international standards that too with highly competitive price tag. Moreover we offer free of cost problem solution through remote access.