IT Technology Consulting Services in India



Remote Infrastructure Management

Our comprehensive range of remote infrastructure management services gives the customers the advantage to reduce cost of IT Infrastructure support and improve their efficiency of their service levels.


As a result they enjoy a consistent, consolidated management and access to best quality talent on a daily basis. By IT Infrastructure downtime, we have helped many global enterprises to avoid terminal loss in business and increase the productivity of their IT assets, thus ensuring smooth business functioning.

An increasing trend of migrating towards newer and complex technologies leads to greater complications in the IT management, giving rise to the need of a single partner with multi-vendor expertise and capacity to provide multi-services. As part of our fusion model, our Baroda office offers remote services that help organizations to mange their IT infrastructure.

Benefits of RIM

  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL ) based services delivery
  • Readily available and high-skilled multi-domain technical staff
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Improving time-to-market, faster revenue realization
  • Round the clock support

ITSM Consulting

ITSM is a comprehensive framework for IT Service Management and is applicable to all organizations irrespective of the size or the technology in use.


Our ITSM Consulting services help to identify your business objectives based on which we provide the right product and service, thus facilitating an IT-business alignment and providing effective services for varied operations. By improving the quality of services delivered, organizations can reduce their overall cost of service provision in the long-run.


PKEL consulting capability includes ISO 27001 consulting services, ITIL, Audit, ITSM Consulting and Instrumentation services. We use a collaborative approach towards implementing the best services for our clients, focusing on business processes rather than technology, thus bringing significant benefits to your organization. Working along with the customer, we offer guidance involving some or all of the following: assessment, architect and design, planning and implementation, etc.



Technology Consulting

In the current competitive times, where rapidly changing trends have become highly concurrent, it is highly crucial to match the stride of new technological changes.


Organisations have to tackle the challenges to understand and implement decisions like – where, when and how to invest in new technology, staffing issues, security, etc. These demand a fair amount of expertise and experience.

PKEL offers a spectrum of IT infrastructure related consulting services that also includes systems, audits and call centers. With an experience of over 25 years, we are equipped with the know-how and skills to comprehend and meet your specific business requirements. Having served effectively to a list of distinguished clients in many avenues, we are capable to adapt to the rapid technological advancements and serve your unique needs effectively.

The PKEL offerings include

  • Network (LAN / WAN) consulting services
  • Network (LAN / WAN) audit services
  • Network Security Consulting services
  • Network Security Audit Services
  • IP Telephony services audit