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Data Center and Cloud


Datacentre are there to deliver fast, scalable and secure operations. Your on premise datacentre(OPDC) has to meet requirement of ever increasing data volume, security and storage.


It is very important for every organization to increase the efficiency, productivity and reducing the cost of operations and if this is high on your agenda you are looking at the right solution.

We design and build physical infrastructure, fire-proof room required for an On premise datacentre (OPDC).

Our OPDC solution also include compact ‘plug-n-play’ data center infrastructure that will simply take away all the pain points.

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    Greater Control:-Having your data center on premises gives you greater control and security. A hosted environment, on the other hand, has limitations set by service providers and is standardised to meet needs of the average customer.


    Increased uptime:- Designed for Tier III data center standards, OPDC™ ensures 99.982% uptime.


    24/7 operation scalability:- True data center grade infrastructure allows you to run IT operations 24/7 for round the clock business.


    Continuous central management:- After helping you choose the right configuration for your IT needs, we will implement and manage your OPDC™ from our central command center with state-of-the-art tools with predictive analytics.


    Cloud computing provides a means to meet the increasing technology needs of your business. It can reduce the costs and time required to deploy and support IT infrastructure – and lower the risk. You can then divert your time and money to focusing on growing your business in other areas. However, the cloud is not without its challenges: security, compliance, integration, global coverage and internal readiness can’t be considered as an afterthought.

    It’s a journey that you need to plan carefully. That’s where choosing the right cloud provider makes all the difference.

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