Structure Cabling

Structure Cabling

Structured cabling is a standard way of managing and utilizing your IT Network connectivity to facilitate moves, adds and changes on your network without causing unnecessary downtime or interruptions. It’s also a smart, easy-to-manage network infrastructure that supports applications such as sensor-driven technologies, Wi-Fi, cloud computing and much more.

Patwa Kinarivala Electronics Ltd(PKEL), Your IT Network Solution Provider based in Vadodara, Gujarat provides solution all across India. Structure cabling is the core competency of Patwa Kinarivala Electronics Ltd(PKEL), We have been implementing since 1992. PKEL has designed, implemented and certified sites on CAT6, CAT6A(10G) and Fiber.


PKEL is authorized and certified IT System Integrator operating from Vadodara, Gujarat providing solution all across India of leading OEM’s TYCO (TE Connecitivity), Systimax, Commscope, D-Link, Molex, etc.

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    Case 1

    • Design & Implementation of 10G (CAT 6A) & Fiber Cable for 4000+ Network Node in a Single Building
    • Supply & Implementation of VisiPatch 360 system of Systimax

    Case 2

    • Design & Implementation for Manufacturing company (MNC a METRO Manufacturer) over 1000 + Nodes
    • The Client was going to use heavy application like “ERP”, Inventory Management, on WIFI and on Wired Network. The network also had a huge video(CCTV) and voice(VOIP) traffic to take care of.
    • Implemented done Systimax CAT6A(10G) Solution

    Fiber Cabling


    Copper Cabling