Web and Video Conferencing is the Need of the Hour in the COVID-19 Crisis

The pandemic which has created havoc all over the world, has made people helpless and adopt social distancing. Social distancing demands staying at home to break the chain of the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection from spreading due to which educational institutes are shut and professionals are indulging themselves into work from home practices for their livelihood.


Social distancing doesn’t mean that your work should get affected. With technological advancement, one can get the work done at their home itself. The question arises how shall people communicate with each other or have their meetings and gatherings. Well, video conferencing is the key now.


The working population has become remote workers. The sudden surge in employees, teachers, students and many other working professionals have increased the demand for conference calls on the web. Whether the organization is big or small, all of them require video conference to communicate. The usage of video conferencing has increased by 22 times since the outbreak of the pandemic, Coronavirus (COVID-19). Healthcare, education, manufacturing and PSUs are the prominent pillars of our economy and a pandemic like a coronavirus has an adverse effect on our businesses. But PKEL offers diverse ways in this difficult situation by providing web conferencing and video conferencing solutions to various sectors of our economy.


1. The Healthcare sector is working hard to treat the disease. As the coronavirus has a short life span which shall be decayed with time and staying at home is the best way out for people to protect themselves and mankind from spreading this epidemic. This flu has affected over millions of people world-wide, scaring people all over to even visit hospitals nearby if they have common cold or slight fever. Additionally, communicating with doctors through video conference known as telemedicine, can minimize the chances of spreading this disease rather than moving outside. Doctors can perform follow-ups with their patients regularly, which can be cost-effective and time-saving by sharing patients’ reports, test results, and medication required. Furthermore, patients who are too sick to visit hospitals or clinics can communicate with the doctor with the help of video conference wherein they can guide the self-isolated patients with usage of instruments like remote ventilators, BP monitors, etc.


Doctors can collaborate with professionals from other hospitals in order to enhance learning and improve customer care by just communicating with video conferencing.


2. With the sudden shutdown of schools and universities, students and teachers are finding out ways to commence their classroom sessions. Video conferencing with teachers or peers helps in developing learning opportunities, links students and teachers together and gets everyone on one-page. Students can ask their doubts/questions, teachers can discuss with students – counsel them in the most feasible and personal manner. Live lessons can interest students and make them updated with the modern technology which later with time might demand such live sessions. Things that can be done in the education domain are:


  • – Screen share, which can be used for group activities, providing examples and illustrations, helping students to work on the assignments by sharing with them presentations.
  • – The sessions can be recorded which students can refer to and write their notes even after the classroom session is done. Additionally, teachers can provide feedback for the same.
  • – For surveys and polls, group chat can be an effective and interesting way in dealing with students.
  • – Can invite experts, guest faculty for live sessions irrespective of the fact wherever they are located.


Web Conferencing for education sector

3. Manufacturing is a sector that can be said is affected greatly by a pandemic like Corona. It is imperative that the offices are on the same boat hence they require communication among multiple offices to happen flawlessly. To manage global operations efficiently, manufacturing companies would need real time access to worldwide resources and supplier base. For showing product blueprints, prototypes or reports one would need high definition screen sharing too. That is where PKEL comes to the rescue. Also, operational efficiency is what can make or break a business. Maintenance and supply chain management is also what can happen over video conferencing.


The most important aspect is to have secured web and video conferencing. Businesses can be affected by various different conferencing systems. Free systems or many free trial or freemium systems are easily available but you should have malware in place. End-to-end encryption is very essential for such calls. There might be disclosure of proprietary information over video, hence a secure connection is very essential.


4. PSUs, that are considered as lifelines of any economy are also facing the heat in such a lockdown situation. They have to function in accordance with the government and also need to care about the economy/market. The communication between them also needs to be secured and efficient and needs to be set as an example to the public sector units. For executive-level, video conferencing helps them in having a clear communication by sharing monthly revenue reports, effective measures that can be taken and helping their staff to work from their home if required. This lockdown situation would have been worse if we didn’t have technology-based knowledge and service solutions.


In a nutshell, technology driven by video conference is playing an immense role in today’s world. Having a secured web and video conferencing system holds due importance in this process. Let’s thank the IT market which has solutions for the issue we are facing across the globe.


Patwa Kinarivala Electronics Limited (PKEL), delivers its IT services partnering with Cisco, Polycom/Poly, Lifesize, Logitech and various other manufacturers all over India as well as overseas. We convey a forefront communication solution which is feasible as well as economical with more than 30 years of experience in IT Infrastructure solutions. We cover services for different businesses with scalable solutions and our professions shall make sure to provide you services at your doorstep in this epidemic world-wide.


web conferencing for businesses

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Now conduct your office meetings and conferences at your home itself. Maintain social distancing and also let your business thrive in such an environment. PKEL makes it possible with ease.


Stay home, stay safe!