Patwa Kinarivala Electronics Ltd was introduced by our Managing Director Mr.Rajen Patwa in 1979. Patwa Kinarivala Electronics Ltd(PKEL) is involved in Developing and Manufacturing Electronics Equipments related to Textile Industries. “ Catalyst in Textile “, Our Tag line points out that we work for enhancing quality and quantity of end products of Textile Mills.

We are engaged in providing products and services to the textile industry mainly to the spinning sector for yarn quality and yarn testing. We have a product range for Process control equipment like Electronic Yarn Clearer along with Yarn Length Measuring and Controlling System for all types of yarn including Chenille Yarn, Lycra, Jute, Blended yarn.


We also have a range of laboratory equipment for testing the quality of the yarn, which include Yarn Evenness Tester, Yarn Fault Classifying system, Single Yarn Strength Tester.

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    Evenness Tester:

    Evenness tester is lab equipment, especially designed to measure yarn quality, it measures y evenness of yarn, sliver, roving and it measures evenness of all this tetile material at different cut length. it calculates spectogram and there by gives information about different machines’ parts condition and fiber quality for the results. it is also gives information regarding thick places, thin places and neps in more

    Electronic Yarn Clearer:

    Electronic yarn clearer is to eliminate yarn faults and classifyyarn faults in different category according to its length and diameter, it is capable of detecting offcount and missing ply and additional ply in ply yarn. it is an online yarn quality controlling system. we are the pioneers in india to develop indigenous electronic yarn clearer. it measure yarn length also and helps to get uniform yarn more

    Length Measurement System (LMS):

    LMS is online Length Measuring system that is used to obtain packages of equal length. LMS is the best performing length measuring system for winding machines.This machine is adaptable to individual drum drive machine and common drum drive winding as well as assembly winding machines. It is available with missing ply detector. Further to this we have ULMS ultra precession yarn length measuring device having auracy of +/-.3% +3gram and -1gram more

    Chenille Yarn Clearer

    This yarn clearer is exclusively designed to clear the faults present in the chenille yarn. This is based on Opto‐electronic technology. This is very useful in checking the minutest detail of the yarn to enhance your product quality. This clearer can be used for all the types of chenille yarn. This system is clubbed with LMS which enables you to keep track of production along with clearing more