Chenille Yarn Clearer


Continuing its commitment to the indigenious development of sophisticated & Reliable products in the field of Textile Electronics, Patwa Kinarivala Electronics Ltd is pleased to announce yet another innovation “Chenille Yarn Clearer” Chenille Yarn Clearer is a sophisticated instrument & it is a total indigenous development, meeting international standards of performance.

This yarn clearer is exclusively designed to clear the faults present in the chenille yarn. This is based on Opto‐electronic technology. This is very useful in checking the minutest detail of the yarn to enhance your product quality. This clearer can be used for all the types of chenille yarn. This system is clubbed with LMS which enables you to keep track of production along with clearing faults.



Principle of operation Opto-Electronics
Count Range 0.5nm to 8.9 Nm
Winding Speed 60 m/minto1000 m/min
Faults Eliminated Thin faults from 0.25 cm &above
Length Measurement Up to 9,99,999 meter for Individual spindle
Operating Temperature 0 to 45 degree Celsius.
Printout facility Through mass storage (optional)
Efficiency 85 – 90 %
Power Supply Single Phase, 230 V, 50 Hz Per system of 24 spindles through CVT.

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    The system is designed in such a way that it can be mounted on all the variants of chenille machines. The sensor heads are mounted in such a way that you have the flexibility of adjusting the yarn path as per your requirement.


    This Chenille Yarn Clearer is so versatile that it can eliminate the chenille yarn faults also for thin and thick yarn faults. The cutter equipped with the sensing head is very robust and powerful to cut any kind of faults present in the yarn. The accuracy of system is such that it can even detect and cut fault of 0.25 mm length. Miss-ply faults are also detected and cut in this system. The system is auto calibrated. You do not need to manually calibrate the system. The system is very smart to even detect the faults during the insertion of yarn.

    User friendly

    This system is designed in such a way that even floor workers can easily calibrate the machines. The control box supplied with the system is totally programmable. You can program the control box for your desired clearing range. We also provide you Thumb wheel switch to easily set the curve for deciding the fault length. We also provide the provision of dividing the spindles into groups. Hence you can run different counts on different groups.


    We also equip you with facilities by which you can monitor the production of system online without taking the slightest efforts to look on your machine. We also provide you inbuilt Length Measurement System which enables you to keep track of accurate output per machine depending on your yarn quality. You’ll also have the flexibility of printing your report to keep track of the regular production and other miscellaneous information.


    During the manufacturing of this system we take extra ordinary care to make it robust yet simple. This simplicity of system enables us to easily maintain the machine as well as our system during your servicing requirements.

    Up gradation

    We develop our system in such a way that we can easily upgrade the software which we continuously develop in our quest to achieve excellence in our systems. The system is auto calibrated. You do not need to manually calibrate the system.