Length Measurement System


To obtain packages of equal length, conventionally all the packages are measured by weight using trial and error methods. These methods are too cumbersome and inaccurate. Hence, there was a need for a system that could measure accurate length and reduce human efforts. LMS is such a solution for spinners. LMS is the best performing length measuring system for winding machines. Its high efficiency, thanks to its electronics, makes it personal favorites for the best spinners across India.


Principle of Operation OPTO-ELECTRONICS
Count Range 6’s to 120’s Nec
Yarn Length Resolution 1 Meter
Measurement Range 100meters to 9,99,999 Meters
Machine speed 100m/min to 1800 m/min
Measuring Accuracy Better than ±0.2% electronicaly
Display Type 16 x 2 LCD
Hard copy Printout Through USB mass storage (optional)
Printout facility Through mass storage (optional)
Indication Type Display box with reset switches & LED’s for each spindle
Input Voltage 220 V AC , 50 Hz per system through CVT
Operating Temperature 0 Degree to 50 Degree Celcius

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    Length Measurement

    The preset length of a spindle and the number of doffs completed can be viewedany time. The length completion for a Doffis indicated by LED for individual spindle. The display shows online, rolling and steady display of lengths completed and number of yarn breaks for each spindle.The length setting of individual spindle can be reprogrammed after completion of Doff.

    Length Settings

    The system is designed in such a way that we can divide the total number of spindles into user defined groups. The length setting can be done for either individual spindle or for a group or for all spindles for optimum machine utilization.

    User Control

    The system issupplied with software key lock along with the system to prevent unauthorized programming. Individual spindle reset facility is provided in case of a ‘bad doff’ during production.

    User Friendly

    This system is extremely user friendly. The length setting and other operations are extremely easy to understand and perform and does not require any technical finesse. To understand and analyze the production and other efficiencies we provide an optional feature of computer interface for receiving different MIS reports.


    This system is designed in such a way that it can be erected on almost all machines of all makes whether it may be cheese or cone winding machine. This machine is suitable for mechanical and electromechanical stop motion depending on the availability of the signal from machine. This machine is adaptable to both individual drum drive machine and non-individual drum drive machine. We also supply cutter along with LMS depending on the customer requirement.

    Missing Ply Detection

    In case you have multiply winding machine, we provide our ‘Missing Ply Detector’ sensors. These sensors are exclusively designed for multiply machines. In circumstances where one of the ply of spindle is missing, these sensor senses the absence of yarn and stops the process. These sensors are very helpful to reduce waste, increase productivity during winding processes.

    Affecting Factors

    This machine measures the length of yarn indirectly. Hence, factors like count variation of yarn, mechanical slippage, drum diameter variation, tension variation are major factors that limit the accuracy of the machine.